Stars in the sky of culinary highlights

Luxemburg, Metz, Saarbruecken and Trier invite you to come and enjoy!

Just let your taste buds be pampered and enjoy the world of the border region. Beautiful countrysides of the area, historic city centres and eight star chefs catering to bodily well-being on earth: The city network QuattroPole Luxemburg – Metz – Saarbruecken – Trier has quite a bit to offer its guests. 

In the historic ambience of the border region, which brings three countries together, the art of cooking and gourmet tradition plays an important role. 

Luxembourg is proud of its five star chefs

The capital city of Luxembourg is proud of its five star chefs. The “Clairefontaine” and the “Bouquet Garni” greet their guests with traditional French cuisine in the upper part of the old city, in the former battlement in a historically restored pedestrian zone. The restaurant “Mosconi” lies in the “Grund” in the Grand Duchy’s capital, at the foot of the gorge through which the Alzette flows and offers its guests Mediterranean delights. In Luxembourg-Kockelscheuer, the south part of the capital city, the fourth star has risen: Two years ago Philippe Laffut took over the “Patin d’Or” and has given it a new shine. At the foot of "Les Rives du Clausen" has risen the most recent star of Luxembourg: "Le Sud" offers on several floors of a former brewery exceptional cuisine.

Metz - French cuisine

Metz has one star chef to offer, his own way create extraordinary dishes using exquisite products of French cuisine.

The “Magasin aux Vivres” with its four star hotel “La Citadelle” await their guests in the historic centre of the old part of the city Metz at the “Place de Chambre” at the foot of the cathedral, upgrading the Lorraine capital to a meeting place for aficionados of French cuisine. 

Saarbruecken has an excellent address

Saarbruecken also has the pleasure of an excellent address. The “Gästehaus Erfort” which presents itself in the beautiful ambience of a classic villa, has risen to a renowned gourmet temple that even guests from Paris are raving about.

Trier and the Moselle region

From Trier, the heart of the Moselle region, the excellent reputation of the guesthouse “Becker’s”, which combines the compositions of its star chef with wines from its own vineyards, radiates all the way to Luxemburg and the Lorraine region.