Luxembourg - the city of contrasts

A fascinating metropole with a diversified history and culture, cosmopolite and turned to the future.

Capital of the Grand Duchy and former fortress city with cosmopolitan flair. Internationally renowned museums meet up, outdoors, with contemporary art. Diverse cultural offers in the European city “par excellence“.

Facts & Figures

  • Capital of the Grand Duchy Luxembourg, founded 963
  • National language: Luxembourgish (Letzeburgesch)
  • Language of government: Luxembourgish, French, German
  • Residents: ± 90.000, ± 62% foreign nationals
  • Located in the centre of Europe, international airport, planned connection to the TGV
  • UNESCO World Heritage of Culture: Former "Gibraltar of the North", fortress city, casemates
  • Top-class museums, lively culture scene, first class cultural infrastructure
  • Official site of many important European institutions, financial centre with an international reputation, location for conventions and exhibitions, university city