Saarbruecken - the baroque city

A city with various faces and an animated cultural scene, French atmosphere and the Saarland way of life.

The capital city of the Saarland is marked by its changeful history. But Saarbruecken also has a colourful artistic and cultural scene with major festivals, grand stage shows and cabaret programmes. 

Facts & Figures

  • Capital city and financial heart of the Saarland with over 180.000 residents   
  • 1000 year old history from the medieval castle with casemates to the baroque cityscape
  • A lively cultural city, a shopping city for the Saarland, Lorraine, the Palatinate and Luxembourg, ”most French” city of Germany and city of “short paths”   
  • High living quality in a scenic and green environment
  • Location for international conventions and exhibitions 
  • Major location for universities, colleges and research with an increasing settling of new future technologies, modern business location