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The best cycling routes for getting around Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier.

A unique way to city hop: The best cycling routes for getting around Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier

Enjoy picturesque scenery and vibrant cities at your own pace: At the border between Germany, Luxembourg and France, cyclists can find an extensive network of diverse cycling routes for all needs and fitness levels. The tours take hobby cyclists, families and wannabe cycling pros around the cities of Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier, while numerous tourist attractions, events and culinary delights offer plenty of reasons to stay overnight.

For the whole family - the VeloRoute SaarLorLux

The VeloRoute SaarLorLux set against a backdrop of vineyards, meadows and forests with stops in tiny villages as well as the historic cities of Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier. Take in the culture and countryside surrounding the QuattroPole cities and the cross-border metropolitan region along this 375 kilometre tour. The VeloRoute mainly takes side streets and well-maintained, flat cycle paths along the valleys of the Saar, Moselle and Sauer rivers, making it a fun journey for all the family.

The tour starts and ends in Saarbrücken, the vibrant major city on the Saar. The first section of the route is 186 kilometres in length. It runs along the Saar and through destinations in Lorraine, including Sarreguemines and Sarralbe. Cyclists cross the forests of Lorraine to reach Metz, where they can stop off and visit the impressive Centre Pompidou-Metz art centre or the St. Etienne Cathedral.

The next section of the route is around 105 kilometres long and meanders along the Moselle river, from Metz, through Thionville to Remich in Luxembourg. There are plenty of charming places to while away the time along the way, where tourists can enjoy the region’s food, wine and countryside. From here, cyclists will pass glorious vineyards as they head to the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which features a historic Old Town perfect for long strolls.

The third stage, around 80 kilometres in length, guides cyclists through the countryside, taking in Beidweiler and Consdorf on the way to Echternach, which is nestled in the idyllic Sauer Valley. From here, the route follows the course of the Sauer river to Wasserbillig, the last stop before the Germany-Luxembourg border, where Trier awaits. Alongside many other tourist attractions, visitors can see impressive Roman ruins – the best Germany has to offer – up close in this city.

The final sprint is a 102 kilometre journey from Trier that follows the Moselle upstream to the mouth of the Saar in Konz. Cyclists then pedal along the Saar, passing Saarburg and crossing the Merziger Land region. Before the VeloRoute ends in Saarbrücken, it takes cyclists to Saarlouis and the Völklingen Ironworks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This travel route is a combination of German, French and Luxembourg culture and is a fun, family-friendly cycling tour with pristine natural surroundings. Depending on your fitness levels and how long you want to stay in each destination, tourists should plan 10 to 14 days for the entire trip. The route can also be shortened to suit your time off work and fitness levels.

Find out more at: www.visitsaarland.co.uk

Bikers along the Saar river - Regionalverband

Bikers along the Saar river - Regionalverband

Bikers along the Saar river - Regionalverband

For hobby cyclists - the Moselle Cycle Trail

The Moselle Cycle Trail from Thionville, France to Koblenz, Germany is one of the most popular cycle tours on the border. The 275-kilometre route offers a taste of German, French and Luxembourg culture. The mostly flat tour along the banks of the river has everything that makes the Moselle so special: Vineyards along the characteristic bows of the Moselle river give cyclists a sample of the region’s culture – various wine taverns dotted throughout the Moselle region are perfect for wine tasting, while ancient sites and historic castles are just waiting to be explored... With its small slopes, the cycling tour is easily manageable for families with children.

Find out more at: www.mosellandtouristik.de

Velo visavis – the Franco-German cycle tour for experienced cyclists

The 260-kilometre Velo visavis route, which starts and ends in Saarbrücken and runs along the border between Saarland and Lorraine, is a bit more demanding. Alongside flat stretches through river valleys, it also includes challenging climbs – perfect for cyclists in good shape. The crunchy slopes in the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve add some variety and inspire athletic ambition along the route. The network of cycle paths connects the destinations of Saarbrücken, St. Ingbert, Blieskastel, Sarreguemines, Sarralbe, Forbach and Völklingen in five stages. Sprawling meadows, shady spots and small lakes along the route offer the perfect places for cyclists to take a breather after an active day in the great outdoors.

From the Velo visavis main route, well signposted link roads trail off to unique tourist attractions. This means the beautiful scenery of the border region can be taken at your own pace, making this route suitable for younger cyclists, too. Mostly vehicle-free and well signposted paths allow for relaxed journeys along the banks of the Saar, Blies and Rossel.

Find out more at: www.saarbruecken.de

Bikers along the Saar river - Philippe Gisselbrecht / QuattroPole

Bikers along the Saar river - Philippe Gisselbrecht / QuattroPole

Bikers along the Saar river - Philippe Gisselbrecht / QuattroPole

Other routes in the region

The route of discovery - the Saar Cycle Route

The slightly shorter, but just as exciting, 110 kilometre Saar Cycle Route follows the banks of the Saar river, from Saarbrücken to Lorraine and Sarreguemines in France. This is another family-friendly circular tour, with exciting stops, diverse scenery and vantage points with stunning panoramic vistas. A detour to the viewing platform overlooking the Saar Bow, Saarland’s famous landmark, promises spectacular views of the river. The last leg of the tour takes cyclists back to the state capital, Saarbrücken.

For further information, visit: www.visitsaarland.co.uk

Following in the footsteps of Charles the Bold - the Veloroute Charles le Téméraire

The fascinating and historic “Charles le Téméraire” (Charles the Bold) bike path goes from France to Belgium and offers cyclists the opportunity to explore the remarkable heritage of the Saône Valley. The route starts in Dijon, birthplace of Charles the Bold, and heads via Metz and Luxembourg to Bruges in Belgium. The many highlights worth exploring along the route include the castle in Ray-sur-Saône and the English garden. The route is well signposted, offering cyclists a tranquil yet intense experience in the great outdoors with an ever-changing backdrop.

Find out more at: www.tourisme-metz.com

Perfect accommodation for travelling cyclists

From hotels with all mod-cons to family guest houses to camp sites, youth hostels and private accommodation: There are currently 70 or so cycling-friendly accommodation options across the QuattroPole cities. At these establishments, guests can expect a lockable room for storing bicycles overnight, a healthy balanced breakfast, facilities to dry wet clothing and the provision of bike repair kits for minor repairs. Many of them also offer a special service: They take luggage to the next stopover point while travellers get back on their bike saddles to explore the wonderful scenery of the border region.

Find out more at:  www.bettundbike.de/en/ and www.bedandbike.lu