Prix d’art Robert Schuman / Robert Schuman Kunstpreis

Since 1991, the Prix d’art Robert Schuman / Robert Schuman Kunstpreis, which bears the name of the "Father of Europe", has provided a cross-border artistic showcase for contemporary creativity in the QuattroPole area.

Awarded every two years, it was born out of fertile discussions among those involved in the contemporary art world in the cities of Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier, and features a collective exhibition by sixteen artists from the Greater Region.

The Prix d’art Robert Schuman / Robert Schuman Kunstpreis is a real cross-border cultural cooperation success story. It has grown and developed over the course of the last twenty years to become the flagship event of contemporary art in the Greater Region. It has been awarded every two years since 1991 in one of the four QuattroPole cities: Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier. On each occasion, 16 preselected artists with links to QuattroPole exhibit up to five works over several weeks.

Different exhibition spaces, different exhibition curators to select the artists, and different judging panels all ensure the special dynamics and the exceptional charm of the project. The objective of the jointly awarded prize is to document and encourage artistic creation in Europe, thus contributing to European integration.

Through this cross-border approach, this art award fits in with the ambitious spirit of its figurehead. In fact, Robert Schuman, the "Father of Europe", French Foreign Minister and first President of the European Parliament, intended to work on promoting international dialogue.

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