Saarbrücken Food Guide

Saarbrücken Must Eats

The capital of the Saarland lures in visitors to experience its unique mix of industrial charm, Baroque architecture and French ambiance. And the food is worth a detour too!

A Quattropole food guide made by Anne's Kitchen in collaboration with local foodie Andre Mampft.

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Saarbrücken Must Eats

  • Dibbelabbes: fried grated potato cake with leek, bacon and eggs
  • Lyoner: 'Fleischwurst' with a smoky taste
  • Butterkuchen: fluffly yeast cake with heaps of butter and sugary flaked almond topping
  • Geheirade: A mix of potatoes and flour dumplings with bacon and onions
  • Gefillde: round potato dumplings stuffed with Leberwurst and leek or minced meat