Saarbrücken Food Guide

The capital of the Saarland lures in visitors to experience its unique mix of industrial charm, Baroque architecture and French ambiance. And the food is worth a detour too!

A Quattropole food guide made by Anne's Kitchen in collaboration with local foodie Andre Mampft.

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Saarbrücken Must Eats

  • Dibbelabbes: fried grated potato cake with leek, bacon and eggs
  • Lyoner: 'Fleischwurst' with a smoky taste
  • Butterkuchen: fluffly yeast cake with heaps of butter and sugary flaked almond topping
  • Geheirade: A mix of potatoes and flour dumplings with bacon and onions
  • Gefillde: round potato dumplings stuffed with Leberwurst and leek or minced meat