GrAFiTi student theatre festival

The GrAFiTi student theatre festival is a cross-border festival which rotates every year from one QuattroPole city to another.

The GrAFiTi student theatre festival is a cross-border festival to give youth companies the chance to stage their creations and to demonstrate their (inter)cultural commitment. These theatre companies are mainly drawn from universities in the Greater Region, and more specifically from the four cities in the QuattroPole partnership.

The plays are mostly performed in French and German, but the festival is also open to other languages, as this is the case for Spanish, English, Portuguese and Estonian. GrAFiTi is more than just a theatre festival, it is a student endeavour in the heart of Europe, a cross-border, multicultural discussion forum – and it has been recognised as such by the European Commission for its commitment to European thought. Since 2015, the Festival has been organised under the aegis of “Europe for Festivals / Festivals for Europe” (EFFE).

Founded by students in Saarbrücken in 2010, the GrAFiTi student theatre festival rotates every year from one of the four QuattroPole cities to another. Thanks to its cross-border setting, this festival is open to a great number of works, making it a genuine European intercultural platform, attracting a varied audience.

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